Rental Fraud is on the high in Centurion

In 2016, I experienced a high level organised rental fraud in centurion while trying to get accommodation at a complex called Land O’Palms. A man named  Mr. Simon Matlala posing to be the owner of a unit at Land O’Palms was later unveiled as a professional fraudster.

Since the incidence, close to 23 Incidence has been reported on social media, and in the centurion area, the syndicates are growing their network and getting even smarter. Here is what happened in my own case:

On the 14th of July 2016, my search for a new rental home led to the discovery of an advertised house on 122 South St, Die Hoewes, Centurion, 0163. The advertiser listed the house for occupancy on the 1st of August 2016, the number listed for contact was 079 734 8655 belonging to a Mr. Simon Matlala.

He mailed me the contract as well as his ID document to be completed and mailed back with my identity and bank statements both personal and business. The accomplice in the Crime was a lady posing to be Lebo with a cellphone number 0797435143.


Simon’s phone no is 079 734 8655 and alternative number 0712836326.

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I later that week had a meeting in Durban and contacted him for an early viewing, which he couldn’t arrange due to his busy schedule. So we postponed, so we agreed to proceed with the security deposit of the apartment as I was also on a business trip and trying to confirm a new space for my family.

I deposited 5000 (day limit withdrawal) into the account of an MR. G. DOORASAMY at Absa on 1263 Heuwel Rd, Centurion. I later sent R500 e-wallet to the number 079 734 8655.

He postponed and make several viewing date promises and never showed up, so my suspicions got serious and on searching the database of Home Affairs through their SMS service, I found there was no Simon Matlala, also visited the housing complex and realized the unit number advertised never existed.

I contacted the caretaker and confirmed all these suspicions. I am now 100% sure and convinced that the con artist called Mr. Matlala Simon has defrauded me of R 5500 and inconvenienced me and my family. We have incurred an urgent cost of relocation, amounting to R16,000 of a new deposit, and new rental payment to re-secure our current space.

Unaware of my findings, this Mr. Simon still called me yesterday, requesting I make part payment of the deposit to him via SPA and assures me that we would get our Keys.

We have instituted a civil case, investigation, and legal claim against the fraudster.

Charge Documents | proof

simon matlala ID


deposit slip for ABSA heuwel street to MR G DOORASAMY, a possible accomplice in the Crime


e-wallet sent the proof to 0797348655  the number of the fraudster



APPLICATION-form-Land O Palms

APPLICATION-form-Land O Palms

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