Migrating accounts from cPanel to Centos Web Panel

I finally got a new VPS set up and Centos Web Panel installed but struggled to connect my Cpanel Server to the cwpanel.

Here is a straightforward way (Firstly you must have WHM access)

Login to WHM

  • navigate to development or search API Tokens
  • Then click Manage API Tokens
  • Click Generate token
  • Name the API token
  • Click, every section, as well as everything – All features All
  • Click Save
  • On the next page, copy the API token and keep safe
  • Continue and Save

Login to CWPanel

  • Navigate to User Accounts
  • Choose Cpanel Server Migration from the list
  • Input your
  • Maximum simultaneous transfers
  • Click Test and Save

When I got to this stage I got the following error “connection not reached The following error occurred”.

The correct ssh port is very important to solve this error and here is how to get it:

# ssh root@  (input root@ipaddress)

I got the following feedback
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused (many providers have changed their port so you need to get the correct one)

use this command to list the correct IP
# grep Port /etc/ssh/sshd_config


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