Santam advert is getting everyone thinking insurance

“What Could Go Wrong?”
Insurance adverts in South Africa are usually somewhat boring and most insurance companies have been doing adverts worse in recent times. There are even insurance companies who themselves fail to handle an irate client gone viral.

When Insurance topics are ignored by the working class, it is easily a reflection of what is not done right. So on Saturday, the tables were turned and for the very first time, an advert was cheered by a group of friends at a gathering. It was a Santam advert and the insurers received several quote requests. So what is so special about the advert.

Price is not everything

Insurance companies like to focus on price rather than expectation and force potential clients to the brink when they concentrate more on “cost savings” and ignore what can be saved. In this advert the viewer is denied the expected, nothing was discussed about price or rate, we were not given a chance to switch off our reasoning when introduced to a sequence of beautiful scenes without mentioning price.

Consumers are more Intelligent

The television commercial depicts scenarios from the surge of innovation that are currently in place and the plans for the future. The consumer is made conscious of reality and given an opportunity to reason on the current state of risk associated with technology and development. This makes the viewer feel in control, and this takes away the ” forced to buy” aspect of risk products. The advert makes consumers think of what could be managed in advance.

Risk protection should be a friendlier topic

When the drone scene pops, most people would laugh, we can all recall the flamed phones incidence that was depicted with the princess on the couch that drop her phone, these are all topics that are recent and more relative to a broad case of people and age. This is friendlier than watching a wretched car on a field with no phone answered, or a fire trapped family, insurers must move from traumatic displays to a more enjoyable and intelligent advert.

We believe santam when they say “When things go wrong, wouldn’t you want to be with the insurer that makes it right” because they spoke to consumers the right way.

If insurers take this route, consumers would be more convinced of what they are offered.

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Conceptualized by the King James Group, the TV campaign provides a view into a future that’s fast becoming a current reality. Devin Kennedy, Executive Creative Director at King James says, “Digital disruptions are happening so fast it’s hard to keep up. A bold insurer identifies rising trends and quickly adapts to underwrite new risks. In this commercial, Santam shows that they’re at the forefront of technological change and are already asking the difficult question of “What Could Go Wrong?”

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