The divide in South Africa is more glaring on #BlackMonday

If there is anything that is more glaring than a nation in disunity, it would be that reconciliation day has not reconciled a nation that is deeply divided.

#Black Monday was organized to be a rally to protest anti-farmers murder in South Africa and the motive was set out by AgriSA and Afriforum as a non-violent, non-racist campaign for all south african and all races. Many South Africans also wore black as a way to support the notion to put an end to killing of farmers in the nation. Many of the political parties also agreed that the campaign was indeed needed to inform the masses of the issues relating to farm murders in the nation.

The general population was on with the campaign as most had also accepted the reality of a new united South Africa that needs to heal in order to move forward. However, this was not the general narrative as many of the Boer farmers and supporters were gilting the old apartheid flag with pride.

David Van Wyk was the first to point out that the rally had nothing to do with farmer murders but something more. He writes

“White privilege and entitlement on full display on “black Monday”. This is about white property and ownership of the land… The demand is for a special security dispensation for white farmers.

“Murders of white farmers” must stop, but murdering white farmers must be ignored. When farm workers demanded a living wage, better working conditions and an end of brutality by employers against them in Phillipy and other farming areas two years ago, and blocked off the traffic SAPS responded with tear gas armoured vehicles and police dogs. When farm owners block off roads and highways across the country SAPS responds with police escorts.

Privilege and entitlement. David has become the point of reference on a number of issues and his voice is becoming one that is unbiased and based on fact for the masses. This is evident after today’s event as many post refers to David as one of the few progressive whites in the country for peace.

The sheer display of apartheid memorabilia and insensitive materials is arrogantly a disregard for the past of all black South Africans. The Democratic Alliance has also been questioned about how they plan to control these apartheid loving whites who undermine other races and are always out of control. The answer is a tweet posted on their twitter account and no comment or video to buttress the situation.

The question on most black citizen’s mind is then easy to access at this very moment. That are most white South Africans truly genuine about reconciliation and do they feel they have done enough damage to the extent of remorse and allowing black citizens the needed time to heal? The answer is sadly very evident and shows that most of the white citizens are still clinging to their old fashion superiority mentality and a believe that they are in this country because the country will collapse without them.

I share a certain ideology with most blacks that in order to get a better South Africa, there must be a dialogue that brings the real issues to life and allow both races to speak about their grievances. Only then can South Africa truly move forward. The display of flags and racist comments, abuse of farm workers, coffin assault case, rapes of female farm workers and the plain sight shooting of a male black man misidentified as a baboon are all issues that reflects the cracks that is deepend in this country.

It however was not a easy sight for many black South Africans.

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