The system loopholes are delicate secrets

It was morning and time for another routine of sitting down and watching people go up and down. There was no plan, there was no agenda, and it was just people. I had never been exposed to such a situation, where I wasn’t sure of what was next and no guidance.

I was surrounded by chancers, gangsters, mafias, and people who were used to the street ways. They were streetwise and I was another boy from a cornflakes box.

It was the hardest 2 weeks of my life, I had no direction and I was deeply lost even though I knew what I was in the country for. This is where the story takes off and deep into consciousness.

I have seen so many people by the streetlights, looking helpless and confused, unsure of what to do, but with my experience of my early days in South Africa. I understood that many of these immigrants know what they came into the country for, even though they don’t know where to start.

Police bash into the busy intersection of the liquor store just by Claim Street Hillbrow, pushing all the migrants to the floor. A very humiliating search ensued but no one says anything. Suddenly, the owner of the bar comes out with a brown envelope and everyone is released. Shivering, scared, and lost the migrants are packed to a corner of the store. The owner moves in to give a savior speech, from there on, the owner of the shop becomes the Godfather of the migrants at the scene.

The ring of these South African syndicates then allows migrants to pay a price for protection from the police. For shelter, you can get a space in any of the hijacked buildings in Hillbrow and pay rent to another member of the group. You see, migrants are very feeble people who are in the country to work and make a living. No one Migrant wants to take over or rule citizens.

“The problem is created by citizens who show migrants the loopholes in the system for a price and eventually this creates problems”.

These were extracts from my book ” Immigrant survival guide in Mzansi.

In a video I saw online, Julius Malema, the leader of the free-thinking party EFF in South Africa unpacks some facts that have been neglected in regard to some of the causes of migrant crimes. He touched on some of the facts.

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